The consequences of bullying are more devastating than you think they are. Not only does it make the victim go through hell, but it leaves a permanent scar in their mental image of self. They end up believing that somehow, they are destined to be thrown around forever; and this fear of bullying continues well into their adulthood, even after the bullying itself has ended.

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Nightmare’s Scythe

Every person who survives a life-threatening disease will never be the same as they were before it. After struggling with lethal pineal gland disorders, I realized that sometimes, positive thoughts and hopes are not enough to fight death. In moments like these, sheer force of will to live and anger reveals their true power.

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You don’t stop playing when you grow old. You grow old when you stop playing. This poem is a peek into the heart of a person, who poured his heart out on the keyboard.

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Self harm

A poem about tumbling down into the trauma that turns mental discomfort into physical pain – the pain that numbs the suffering, the whole ugly spiral down and getting back up.

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