Ignorant to the sunrise and the flower’s bloom,
As the world around you sinks in gloom,
You tremble before you enter hell’s gates,
Camouflaged in white painted walls;
where mockery & hatred plagued the tainted halls.
Surviving school is tough when you aren’t cool,
get pushed & thrown around like a fool.

Your self-esteem is crushed, confidence destroyed,
You cried and cried while the people enjoyed,
Tried to fight back but you were too weak,
Battered and scared, all hope is bleak.

Shunned out, running about,
how do you find someone to confide in,
when you can’t even find a corner to hide in?
Hide your tears but in vain,
consider throwing yourself in front of a train.

Years later, school’s over,
but in your mind you’re still a loser.
The battle is far from over, infact it just started,
this time, not with the bullies, but yourself.
You’ve become over-apologetic, a punishment in itself;
How long will you drag around broken hearted?
Or put up walls to keep it guarded?

You think you’re hated by people, even now,
So you think you must be doing something wrong?
In a bid to accept yourself, anyhow,
you keep telling yourself to be strong.

Strong enough to push back the hate,
Strong enough to not let anyone else dictate your fate.

How long do you think you can stay on this track?
The world bullies you and you bully back.

You hated bullies, but now you are one,
How many more battles must be won?
Before you realize that fighting is pointless,
passing around the hate, makes this circle endless.

The consequences of bullying are more devastating than you think they are. Not only does it make the victim go through hell, but it leaves a permanent scar in their mental image of self. They end up believing that somehow, they are destined to be thrown around forever; and this fear haunts continues to haunt them well into their adulthood, even after the bullying itself has ended. It brings about an irreversible change in their personalities where they become self-conscious to such an extent that they start believing that their very existence is a burden to the world; and think twice before saying or doing anything. In most cases, it has been discovered that people who get bullied, bully someone else at some point later in their life. Bullying creates more bullies, more hate and the circle is endless. Let’s break it before it is too late.


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