Nightmare’s Scythe

Won’t you tell me,
the truth of what you see;
of who’s inside of me?
a monster or a dream?

There’s something wrong inside of me,
fate altered, I can’t break free.
My world is twisting, slowly crumbling,
distortions cloud my view,
The Reaper comes, I’m screaming,
my voice will not reach you.

Darkness spreads, I try to fill it with light,
dreams ignite, I try to fight.
The darkness and light collide,
my fate ahead won’t be denied.

I’m struggling to speak again,
could these words be my last?
Life flashes by, only memories remain,
struggle to escape Death’s grasp.

A voice inside of me whispers,
A dark power within flickers.
At once I start changing,
yet everything’s remaining;
Breathless, stuck in this world,
a dream divine, unmerciful,
a dark warrior reborn,
duel against Death just begun!

I’m standing here watching the world cave in around me,
open your eyes to see what I see,
Those pieces of humanity could only chain me,
your broken reality could not contain me,
Remember the me, the way I used to be.

Inner demons overcome Reaper’s scythe,
but the light in me can’t be revived.
Who I once was and what I am are not the same now,
So stay away, what I’ve become will finally break out,
Remember me, as who i still should be.

Please forget this sight,
its not my nature,
I’m not meant for the light,
my darkness is my saviour,
Remember me, for all that I could have been.

Oh won’t you tell me?
Please just tell me;
the monster that you see,
is it a part of me?


Every person who survives a life-threatening disease will never be the same as they were before it. After struggling with lethal pineal gland disorders, I realized that sometimes, positive thoughts and hopes are not enough to fight death. In moments like these, sheer force of will to live, anger reveals their true power.


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