What is nothing?
There will come a time when your kid plays his first computer game.
So engrossed, so happy,
you see his eyes glisten.
Fingers flying across the mousepad,
Say anything and he won’t even listen.
All he’d say is “Thanks for this game, dad”.

Throwback down the memory lane,
when you used to play to escape the pain.
Escape turned into a hobby,
hobby turned into passion,
You played so much that parents put up a restriction,
All you’d say is “just one more match, mommy”

Stayed up playing several nights,
made friends, rivals and got into plenty of fights.
From casually owning noobs, to practicing 14 hours a day,
Challenging opponents next door, and continents away.

Your first tournament was a shipwreck;
You weren’t good enough, had to take a raincheck.
Refusing to give up, even in the face of defeat,
preparing the groundwork for all your future feats.

Climb atop the leaderboard,
fame, laurels, titles – everything you hoard.
Always aiming for the top, spearheading for the win,
Anything less than the gold trophy, ends up in the bin.

And then finally came the day when you held up your country’s flag,
In front of rivals that were once your role models,
You did not dare to brag.
The world turns to you and says, “Focus, don’t lose track,
you carry your nation’s hopes and dreams on your back”.

A tear rolls down your cheek as you’re pulled back into reality,
A few trophies in the case and a jersey – are all that remain,
You smile as the memories make you feel whole again.
The child looks back and asks “What happened dad?”
Another tear escapes your eye, and you say,



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