You were a hurricane,
destroying everything in your path,
But not all destruction is bad,
if it presents the chance of a fresh start.

You drag me in,
haul me around in the air,
Twist and turn my heart around,
like a roller coaster at the fair.

Howling wind, skies midnight black,
my weak heart, now under attack.
Deeper and deeper I traverse,
into the eye of the storm,
where you await me in your true form;
putting up a relentless tempest,
to hide when you’re at your weakest.

In the center of the storm, you are a bright light,
with dreams and thoughts speeding faster than the wind,
A beautiful and calm heart, forced into a fight.

You want to fly,
you want to dance,
You want to live, and you want to sprint,
be everything you wanted to be,
be as free as the wind.

But the world is a scary place, too familiar with despair,
Not the world, but your own strength is what you fear,
In your fight, you try not to hurt who you hold dear.

So push me back, protect me from yourself,
But I will not give up on the heart,
That rides a warship, but yearns to disembark.

I can’t turn away from my ray of sunshine,
that hides behind this storm;
Coz I’m that kid that loves the roller coaster,
And my heart wants to ride along.
All I ask is for you to slow down,
and let me comprehend,
soak in all your beauty.

You are a hurricane,
and I’m standing right in your path.


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