Mermaids and Melodrama


Say, what lies at the bottom of the ocean floor?

a dead pirate’s treasure chest, or a sea monster’s roar,

or the rare oysters with shining pearls,

schools of fish that twist and twirl.

Find them!

Dive in, risking your limb and life,

“Pearls aren’t worth the risk”, screams your wife.

As you descend down into the abyss, you see a gleaming light that you can’t miss;

your heart stops and your jaw drops,

when you see her – The Mermaid.

A pristine combination of strength, intelligence and beauty, appears before you – the guardian of the pearls,

Charm you, she will, with her hair, flowing like a river that meets the ocean,

Her skin as smooth as the ocean on a calm and sunny day.

For a moment, you will feel like you need nothing else,

she will tell you her entire life-story, and you tell her yours,

the sea changes into scotch, as you spill your secrets,

and lock them in her, like a pirate’s treasure chest.

As you ponder through her waking dreams and ideas,

you’ll realize that life is nothing short of melodrama;

in which we are all pirates,

looking for our own pearls.

And only when you look into her big, beautiful starry eyes,

you will realize that you’ve found yours.


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